About me

22045861_10155064441681733_1828226363147214270_nI am Zimbabwean by birth, American blended and now Europe living! Amongst the things I love the most are  soccer/football, good wine, traveling, dance and writing. I am also incredibly passionate about Africa and I have many outlets in which I express my love for my continent, including writing and that is what this site is about! I am a huge proponent of telling African stories and reclaiming our narrative as Africans from what the world imposes on us. Check out why I write these stories on here

I am also a contributing writer to the platform Those African Chicks,  a space where African women can speak their truth and challenge the reductive narrative the world often imposes on us. Check out my African sHeroes stories on their site as well!

Special note: I am in the process of moving all my old material from my old blog to this platform, please bear with me during this transition but in the meantime you can find my old work on here

Happy reading!